System Downtime is costly!


Warranty does not offer enough Coverage to get Systems back up and running fast. Warranty coverage is typically a “best effort” and a vague SLA.


- Different components may have different warranty levels and durations

- Warranty has no dedicated parts stocked at local depots leading to a reliance on air/freight

- Software doesn't have any warranty, only media replacement within 90 days

- Customers need to install customer self-repair parts themselves (with no onsite support)

Ask your customer:


• How do outages and other issues affect the business?

• What are the SLAs required by your business?

• Does your staff only have time for routine maintenance and not to focus on helping drive business growth?

• How do you manage firmware revision updates and patches?

• Does your IT environment include software from multiple vendors?

• Would it benefit you to have one place to call even for ISV support? Support protects the business and helps the business transform with:

- Foundation Care - Proactive Care - Proactive Care Advanced