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Because Ingram Micro make HPE Storage simple

With an array of options available, use our HPE Storage Selector Tool to discover and create a comprehensive tiered storage portfolio for your customers and help them harness the power of their data.

Use a tiered approach to storage to help you develop, specify and sell the right storage combination to customers based on their business needs.

Data-as-a-Service (DaaS)

Where the Value Lies

HPE is setting the standard for Data-as-a-Service and making it accessible for all sizes of business, from SMBs to enterprise. Find out the value of DaaS and how your business can benefit from it in the exclusive blog by Ingram Micro.

Delivered as-a-Service


Everything-as-a-Service consumption offers business agility, increased control and lower TCO, allowing customers to pay only for what customers use! Develop consumption-based business and profit with HPE GreenLake.

Data management


Shift the way customers think about and experience their data with HPE and Ingram Micro by moving to outcomes-based selling.

HPE Alletra is a cloud-native, edge-to-cloud data platform designed to change storage and data management forever.

SELECT & EXPLORE the HPE Storage portfolio to discover the perfect fit for your customers


Based on the importance of speed to access data and cost, SELECT the storage that best matches your customer’s business requirements.

To build a robust storage solution for your customer, it is recommend to include at least one HPE Storage product range from each of the PRIMARY, SECONDARY and ARCHIVING categories.

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HPE Storage Tier 1, 2 & 3

PRIMARY Storage for protecting the most important or mission critical data

  • HPE Alletra 9000
  • HPE Alletra MP
  • HPE Alletra 6000
  • HPE Nimble* / dHCI
  • HPE SimpliVity / HCI
  • HPE Alletra 5000
HPE Storage Tier 4

SECONDARY Storage for back-up of information that the customers might need to access quickly and efficiently but without the mission critical urgency

  • HPE StoreOnce
  • HPE StoreEver*
HPE Storage Tier 5 & 6

ARCHIVING Storage for long term archiving of cold data, with the lowest cost of ownership

  • HPE Zerto

* Please note that theses ranges include storage functionalities across more than one category



Now you’ve shortlisted your storage selection, EXPLORE the features and benefits of each storage type.

Click the FIND OUT MORE buttons to deep-dive into and discover how HPE storage can help customers harness the power of their data!

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  • Low cost and affordable
  • Scalable
  • Predictable Workloads
  • Cloud Agile Management Using DSCC
  • Local GUI management
  • Converged / Hyper-Converged Infrastructure
  • Replication Support
  • Hybrid
  • All Flash
  • All Flash NVMe
  • Snapshots
  • Multiple supported RAID sets
  • vVOls
  • CSI driver for Kubernetes
  • QoS
  • Fibre Channel Interface
  • NVMe Front End – currently we only offer NVMe over Fibre Channel on the front end Alletra MP.
  • Encryption – either at rest with SED or controller based
  • Direct attach (no switch)  MSA offers 4 node direct connect, Alletra MP offers direct connect via Virtual Connect on Synergy
  • Active / Standby
  • Active / Active –
  • Virtual Lock – Provides immutable volumes that need multiple credentials to unlock
  • Low Line input voltage only
  • Virtualised Workloads Only
  • Multi OS support bare metal
  • Optimised Performance
  • Predictive Analytics & Support Automation
  • Highly Customisable
  • Mission Critical
  • Highly Available
  • Predictive Support
  • Cloud Archive
  • Function
  • Deduplication
  • Compression
  • Expansion
  • Interface
  • RESTful Support
  • Timeless Storage Timeless EOL 05/2022
  • Use Case
  • Virtualisation
  • Management
  • Complementary storage solutions
HPE InfoSight

AI-driven automation to help simplify the management and maintenance of hybrid environments is now available across HPE servers.

HPE Greenlake

With an Everything-as-a-Service consumption offers business agility, increased control and lower TCO, allowing customers to pay only for what they use!

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HPE PointNext

Help customers get from now, to their next with HPE PointNext Services. Reduce the risk of operational complexity by leveraging forward-looking services and best practices experts.

Ingram Micro Financial Solutions

Minimise customer pricing objections by making technology investment affordable, budgets easier to manage and helps create customer loyalty.

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Speak to your Ingram Micro Account Manager for support, not only to create the right storage solution for your customers, but also to help configure, build and deploy.
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