Significantly reduce costs and improve efficiency with InfoSight Predictive Analytics!

Hewlett Packard Enterprise have acquired Nimble Storage. Nimble Storage are recognised by Gartner as the lead visionary in their magic quadrant for General – Purpose disk arrays. Gartner also comment that Nimble Storage have a “completeness of vision”1. This is all down to InfoSight Predictive Analytics – which comes installed with all Nimble arrays.


  • The new normal

    Flash is the single biggest storage technology shift in 30 years. While performance is a given, there is a new kind of buyer who prioritizes radical simplicity over other attributes. They want simple to buy, use and upgrade, without compromising features and reliability. For these new-style buyers, Nimble Storage is THE leader in “completeness of vision” in the Gartner 2016 MQ.

  • Close the "app-data gap":

    Businesses expect data to be instantly available. Any slow-down or disruption across the infrastructure stack (storage, networks and servers) causes an “app-data” gap that disrupts data delivery and slows down business. The Nimble Storage Predictive Cloud Platform closes the app-data gap by combining predictive analytics with flash storage to provide fast and reliable access to data.

  • Full stack predictive analytics:

    Over half of issues that cause the “app-data gap” do not have storage roots. InfoSight Predictive Analytics anticipate and prevent problems across the infrastructure stack and identify future needs. InfoSight gets to the root cause with zero finger pointing.

  • Transformed support experience:

    InfoSight uses cloud-based analytics and machine learning to automatically resolve 86% of problems before a customer is even aware. Nimble Storage has achieved the industry leading Net Promoter Score (85). Why? Customers consistently reference the simplicity and transformed support experience.

  • Customer Friendly Business Model:

    The Timeless Storage™ Guarantee, included with all Nimble Storage arrays, means all-inclusive software, flat support pricing, a satisfaction guarantee and an option for a free controller upgrade after 3 years that is at least 25% faster than your existing installed model

    Significantly reduce costs and improve efficiency with InfoSight Predictive Analytics...

    Dealing with unexpected problems created by infrastructure complexity is a headache of the past. InfoSight uses cloud-based predictive analytics to anticipate and prevent problems before they impact your business. Nimble storage arrays deliver:

    • Reduced Risk – 99.9999% measured available across Nimble’s entire storage base
    • Significantly reduced support costs – 86% of issues automatically predicted and resolved
    • InfoSight prevents problems from impacting your apps before you even know there is an issue
    • Improved business efficiency - InfoSight solves 54% of problems outside of storage infrastructure through seeing across your infrastructure to resolve problems from storage to applications

    InfoSight has transformed the support experience with predictive analytics. InfoSight automates Level 1 and 2 problems, which has allowed Nimble to staff a support center with only Level 3 engineers. If you need support, our engineers answer the call in less than 1 minute on average, and they already have all the data needed to solve even the most complex problems quickly. You never have to recreate a problem or send log files again. It’s the support you’ve always wanted.

HPE Nimble Storage: Using a predictive cloud platform

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Nimble Storage Overview ChalkTalk

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InfoSight Predictive Analytics ChalkTalk

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HPE Nimble Storage All Flash Arrays

HPE Nimble Storage AF1000

No compromise necessary

  • Radical simplicity
  • Scale-up seamlessly to grow the performance and capacity of an array
  • Scale across multiple arrays non-disruptively in a cluster still managed as one
  • QoS limits allow you to set explicit IOPS and/or bandwidth limits

HPE Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash Arrays

HPE Nimble Storage CS1000

Radically simple

  • Speed and efficiency for mixed workloads
  • Scale up seamlessly to grow the performance and capacity of the array
  • Scale across multiple arrays non-disruptively in a cluster still managed as one
  • Assign and change the service level of any volume at the click of a button
  • Cloud-ready

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