Gen10 delivers agility, security and economic control that customers need to find the right Hybrid IT mix for their business, whether on or off premise. With this introduction of Gen10, HPE is the only vendor providing an IT infrastructure which is secure from the start, optimised for every workload, ready to scale and built for agility and speed.

Powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors.

Unique Security Offering

“What would be the cost to your organization if your servers went offline due to a firmware attack?”
Maintain business continuity, protect reputation, and ensure regulatory compliance. What security measures do you have in place at the firmware layer?

Introducing the “Silicon Root of Trust”

HPE’s unique server management chip, iLO5, stops firmware malware attacks from the start of manufacture through to end of lifecycle. Other server vendors use OEM management chipsets, and so cannot provide an equivalent security offering.

Generation 10 -“The World’s Most Secure Industry Standard Server”

Only HPE offers industry standard servers with major firmware and security anchored into the silicon. All servers from other vendors are less secure in terms of malware attack through firmware, and this is expected to remain the same for several years. HPEs focus is around providing a platform resistant against security breaches so that your business can thrive in the era of digital transformation.

Hardware Innovations

  • 20% increase in Intel core performance vs. previous generation processor
  • Up to 380% more server storage with HPE ProLiant Servers
  • A further 10% more performance with Interl provcessors through HPE Intelligent System Tuning
  • 20x less time to recover servers, increasing system uptime with HPE Persistent Memor

Operational Excellence

  • Enhanced Management
    • Increase work force productivity with HPE OneView
    • Quick & simple server deployment with automated provisioning
    • Faster maintenance updates at scale
  • HPE Flexible Payment option
    • Reduce hardware TCO by 30% with HPE Flex Capacity consumption finance models
    • Protect your price point for 12 months with pre provisioning, pay as you use payment models
  • HPE Support Services
    • Near 100% diagnostic accuracy
    • 77% reduction in service times with HPE support services

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Every month brings news of another major data breach. Healthcare and life sciences as other industries, move applications to hybrid and public clouds, which means the need for data center security only increases.The Intel® Xeon® Scalable platform delivers the next generation of features to secure the platform, increase trust, and protect data without compromising performance.

Healthcare is complex, dynamic and filled with professionals in all disciplines who feel a personal calling to care for patients. Modern healthcare requires technology that provides:

  • Connected and interoperable environment
  • Cross-system interactions for broad, actionable insights
  • Seamless and secure communications at the individual, team and institutional levels

The new Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors pack performance, security and agility within a new scalable architecture, optimized for a wide variety of workloads.

Gain hospital efficiency through increased asset performance.Faster processing power and the Intel® AVX-512 feature in imaging machines and workstations accelerates image scanning, expanding machine availability and patient capacity.


Data Centers powered by the Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor are workload optimised for software-defined infrastructure and virtualisation, capable of 4.28x more virtual machines than 4 year old generations.

Guard against system vulnerabilities with hardware-enhanced security feature.



Intel® Key Protection Technology (KPT) with Integrated Intel® QuickAssist Technology and Intel® Platform Trust Technology (Intel® PTT) delivers hardware-enhanced platform security by providing efficient key and data protection, at rest, in use and in flight.

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