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Paving the path to digital transformation

Change is the only constant in the IT world. Winners will be businesses that embrace this challenge and HPE Hybrid IT is the key to this digital transformation.

New-generation platforms and technologies create value by delivering new, dynamic business models transforming the way organisations serve customers, employees and partners. A dynamic infrastructure enables customers to innovate and transform aggressively.

Reduce complexity to increase efficiency!

Head 1 Head 2 Head 3 Head 4 Head 5 Head 6
body 1 body 2 body 3 body 4 body 5 body 6
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Digital transformation is an extremely complex task

Digital transformation must support operations and development while offering performance, protection, governance and resiliency of an on-premise infrastructure with the scalability, agility and efficiency of cloud.



Getting insight from data analytics from across the IT infrastructure



When physical assets become digital information, markets experience massive growth and disruption



Smartphones enable true customer-centricity but this inevitably comes with heightened security concerns



Faster delivery of compute 1


Better application performance 2


Lower hardware & maintenance costs 1

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2 "Red Bull Racing accelerates performance with hyperconverged IT," Hewlett Packard Enterprise, November 2017

Transforms the way business is done. Create a dynamic infrastructure that's easier and more efficient to manage

Combining cloud with on-premises IT brings unparalleled flexibility and scalability for customers

With software-enabled automation and simplified hybrid cloud management, streamline and speed up operations

Offer a single view across the whole network, whether traditional IT, private or public cloud, to keep things running

HPE and Ingram Micro can help Partners map and execute digital transformation strategies for their customers


Modernise and develop applications based on agile application development and delivery platforms

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Manage legacy data centers while investing in Hybrid IT


Determine the ‘right mix’ of public and private cloud services on a workload-by-workload basis

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Access the latest technologies like Big Data, data analytics and IoT applications

HPE Hybrid IT Solutions offer cost and financial savings, security across the whole infrastructure and supports ongoing business needs. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD THE eBOOK.


Learn about the advantages of a HPE Hybrid IT platform offering multiple workload management, cost reductions and increased utilisation

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Hybrid IT bridges the worlds of public and private seamlessly. It requires a unified, software-defined control plane that is simple and quick to deploy across traditional enterprise and private and public cloud infrastructure

HPE One View

Integrated IT management that transforms compute, storage, and networking into software-defined infrastructure to automate tasks and accelerate business.


Hybrid IT supports existing and emerging OS and virtualisation layers that businesses are using to host their applications such as VMware, OpenStack and Microsoft AzureStack, as well as bare-metal and container-based applications

Software-Defined Partner Ecosystem

Solutions that automate IT operations and streamline management of resources, workloads and apps by deploying and controlling data center infrastructure as code.


Everything should be software-defined and available in multiple packaging formats but for real efficiency and performance of on-premise deployments, hyperconverged and composable infrastructure is a necessary baseline

Software-Defined Integrated Systems

Manage applications and workloads across the entire infrastructure with multi-cloud management software built for hybrid IT environments.


Developers should be able to build applications anywhere and deploy them anytime. They need a hybrid workspace supporting traditional workloads in VMs, modern apps in containers, and flexibility across bare metal and private and public clouds

HPE ProLiant for Microsoft Azure Stack

Run Azure services on premises with an integrated Microsoft Azure hybrid cloud incorporating compute, storage and networking.


Developers and IT operations need a ‘no-ops’ hybrid ‘IT management as a service’ portal and app store, enabling them to compose, deploy and scale hybrid cloud systems that support all applications

HPE OneSphere

An aaS hybrid cloud management solution that simplifies and streamlines operations to enable velocity and cost efficiency.


Integrated, software-defined services are increasingly important as data explosion progresses. Data efficiency, resiliency, management and mobility are all key requirements of any Hybrid IT platform

HPE GreenLake

Pay-as-you-go consumption-based IT solutions that deliver desired outcomes with hardware, software, and expertise on-premises or in the cloud.


An analytics-powered business dashboard should provide business and IT operations managers with visibility on costs and utilisation across private and public infrastructure by breaking up the data into the separate lines of business to calculate the cost of individual projects

HPE OneView Global Dashboard

Manages several OneView or Synergy instances, across data centers to help IT staff troubleshoot alerts and view core inventory data from one place and make faster decisions with better infrastructure visibility.


Hybrid IT architecture has room to accommodate emerging and future technologies, such as APIs, microservices, hybrid computing, memory-based computing and extend intelligence to the edge of the Internet of Things

Hybrid IT with Cloud

Software-defined and hybrid cloud solutions that reduce complexity and tame the IT Monster to unleash speed and accelerate with confidence.

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With an industry trend of migrating to cloud while supporting existing IT systems, HPE and Ingram Micro are committed to implementing HPE Hybrid IT solutions, all to help accelerate business.

Paving the path to digital transformation