HPE StoreEver Tape Storage

Protects against ransomware!

Perfect for mid-to-long term data storage, HPE StoreEver tape storage is a cost effective, secure and flexible storage solution that compliments and completes any tiered storage portfolio.

HPE StoreEver

The right tool for the right storage job


HPE StoreEver Tape Storage

Packed with features & benefits

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Perfect for mid-to-long term data storage, HPE StoreEver tape storage is a cost effective, secure and flexible storage solution that compliments and completes any tiered storage portfolio.

HPE StoreEver

HPE StoreEver Tape Storage

So much more
than long
term storage!

Perfect for mid-to-long term data storage, HPE StoreEver tape storage is a cost effective, secure and flexible storage solution that compliments and completes any tiered storage portfolio.

HPE StoreEver

The right tool for the right storage job


HPE StoreEver Tape Storage

Lower TCO with
no additional

Perfect for mid-to-long term data storage, HPE StoreEver tape storage is a cost effective, secure and flexible storage solution that compliments and completes any tiered storage portfolio.

HPE StoreEver

The right tool for the right storage job

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Boost the value of Flex Offers with HPE StoreEver

Get an extra 6% (a total of 53% discount from HPE List Price!) when purchasing the popular HPE StoreEver 1/8 Tape Autoloader as part of a Flex Offer. Simply add a qualifying tape drive to obtain the extra discount.


*This promotion runs until April 30th 2022

features & benefits


With data at the heart of the digital world and the importance of keeping it safe yet accessible, HPE StoreEver tape storage offers a number of unique advantages.

data backup

Reliable long term data backup that’s easy to manage

With HPE StoreEver Command View for Tape Libraries, you can manage your tape library from any connected location. CVTL software provides layers of intelligent insight into the efficiency and health of your tape library, its tape drives and the tape media that it contains. You’ll have all the proactive information about potential issues before they arise to minimise disruption.
physical protection

Comprehensive, 'physical' protection against cyber threats & ransomware

According to analysts, ESG, 60% of companies have experienced a ransomware attack in the last 12 months. HPE StoreEver LTO tape can provide a vital last line of defence because you can maintain copies of your data fully offline behind a physical air gap. This is particularly important in an era when even backup data stored in the cloud is being targeted. LTO technology can’t help you recover instantly, but it can greatly speed up your recovery in the hours and days that follow.

Compared to cloud storage, no additional costs & reduced TCO

Although Cloud storage may seem inexpensive upfront, users also typically pay to retrieve their data on top of the monthly fees. And as the volume of information grows, so do the charges for accessing data, which need to be paid, month after month, year after year. HPE StoreEver tape offers long term archival storage without egress fees compared to the Cloud and greater storage density and lower energy costs compared to all disk storage solutions.

Delivers modular scalability and easy accessibility

The current HPE StoreEver portfolio covers LTO-5 through LTO-8 (LTO-9 coming soon!) and ranges from standalone tape drives to Enterprise class libraries with more than 50,000 slots. Unlike other leading vendors, HPE makes it easy to upgrade and reuse your tape drives, so the library you purchase today can extend its usefulness for years to come, making it more straightforward to add slots and increase capacity as your data grows.

HPE StoreEver – simple, reliable and easy to manage



Make HPE StoreEver a part of an overall data protection strategy that handles long-term, offline data storage

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A multi-layered approach to storage that fills the gaps of other storage solutions

Find out what makes HPE StoreEver perfect for SMBs

Low-cost, high-durability HPE tape storage with LTO-8 technology saves you money, delivers faster performance and ensures long-term data availability.


Learn how HPE StoreEver can help customers protect against cyber threat

As HPE StoreEver is a physical solution, it creates an ‘air gap’ or physical line of defence against cyber threat, that no other storage solution can offer!


HPE StoreEver LTO Tape

New research shows that over a 10 year period, you could shrink your archival storage costs by up to 86% compared to the public cloud all because of HPE StoreEver.


the right customers


As part of a tiered approach to storage, HPE StoreEver can help free up space from primary and secondary storage arrays, keep businesses data-compliant and significantly reduces data protection costs.

DON’T miss out on REVENUE and profit

  • By not selling HPE StoreEver as part of your Storage offering, you give competitors the opportunity to present their own tape solutions – and additional solutions such as flash, disk and HCI offerings
  • View tape storage as part of an overall tiered storage strategy - tape, disk and cloud all have unique and complementary benefits
  • Tap into your installed base for potential opportunities – including life sciences, AI, high performance computing and big data analytics
  • Typical markets that would benefit by utilising HPE StoreEver include Education, Healthcare, Broadcasting & Media, Research, Life Sciences, Finance, Legal & Accountancy Firms.


Find the right tape storage solution that’s right for your customer

StoreEver Tape Drives

Sets new standards as an affordable entry point for the HPE StoreEver Tape family with capacity, performance, security, usability and manageability for SMB and single-server environments up to 30TB with new LTO-8 drives and media.

StoreEver MSL 1/8 tape autoloader

Store up to 240TB with LTO-8 in a compact 1U form factor. Customer-installable, configurable and upgradable 0-drive tape autoloader that’s ideal for entry-level or remote office environments.

StoreEver MSL2024 tape library

Addresses the data protection and retention needs of your remote or entry-level storage environments with scalable capacity up to 720TB with LTO-8 and simple web-based management.

StoreEver MSL3040 tape library

Protect the data assets of your small to midsized business for the long term with the HPE MSL3040 tape library. With a flexible, modular design and up to 8.4PB storage capacity with LTO-8, the MSL3040 provides complete data protection and security.

StoreEver MSL6480 tape library

Sets the new standard for mid-range tape automation with best-in-class scalability to 16.8PB with LTO-8. Its density and performance meet both short-term backup and disaster recovery needs as well as long-term retention requirements.

HPE T950 tape library

Holding up to 380.7 PB of enterprise data for archive 8, this elite tape library leads the field in innovation, with the highest storage density and lowest power consumption of all tape libraries in its class.

HPE TFinity ExaScale

Combines space-saving design, high-density architecture and seamless scalability to produce the highest-capacity data storage system in the world - up to 2.03 EB.

See what our customers have got to say

Most data at my company is infrequently accessed and therefore tape made the most sense from both a total cost of ownership and security perspective.

HPE StoreEver systems bring us proven reliability and the most cost-effective solution for long-term data storage.

HPE StoreEver has saved my business thousands and increased our data security.

Active Archiving

Active Archiving is a software-defined storage access solution. It intelligently automates the placement and retrieval of data from different storage types.

Delivering a common and unified view across the entire file storage system, Active Archiving is perfect for tiered storage environments.


Right storage, right place, right time!

Access data stored across different storage tiers including SSDs/flash drives, HDDs, cloud storage and magnetic tape

Delivers a consistent view for users via a web-browser like interface

Once data has been recovered, files are stored locally to speed up future access


Want to know more? Download the 'ESG Leveraging Tape for Active Archiving at Scale' white paper.


Based on the complexity of your customers’ storage environment, workload and usage, there are three options available:


High-End Solution

HPE Data Management Framework
Suitable for larger, more complex HPC (high-performance computing) environment with our T950 and TFinity libraries



QStar Archive Manager
Great for mid-range libraries such as MSL6480 or MSL3040



Spectra StoreCycle
Perfect for TFinity and T950 Enterprise libraries in conjunction with an Object Storage (disk based) tier like Spectra Black Pearl

Want to know how Active Archiving can help enhance data access within a tiered storage environment, speak to your Ingram Micro Account Manager

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HPE StoreEver Promotion

Buy any HPE StoreEver MSL tape library 50% full of media, get the other 50% for free.

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SMB Bundle Offers

ML350 Gen10 with StoreEver LOT-8 Tape Drive (STEVML350-001)

]HPE StoreEver MSL 1/8 G2 0-drive Tape Autoloader PLUS: 1x HPE MSL LTO-7 Ultrium 15000 SAS Drive Upgrade Kit (STEVENT-002)

HPE Storage MSL2024 0-Drive Tape Library PLUS: 2x HPE MSL LTO-7 Ultrium 15000 FC Drive Upgrade Kit (STEVPERF-002)

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Learn how HPE StoreEver tape storage help compliment and complete any tiered storage portfolio

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