Free, non-invasive backup assessment tool to analyze your customer’s existing backup environment.


From assessing 1500 customer enviroments, examining 846PB data and more than 8 million backup jobs to date, HPE has found:

50% of the customers had backup jobs lasting 96+ hours


37% of the customers had backup jobs failing more than 5% of the time


40% of the customer have multi-year retention


Databases, Files and Virtualization were key hotspots that cause customers the most data protection issues


Know your customer’s data protection pain points…

What is a NinjaProtected+ Backup Assessment?

• Gathers meta-data from your customers existing backup ISV and assesses the overall health of their backup

• Generates a personalized summary report with valuable insights on your backup environment:

- Backup window details

- Successful vs. failed backup details

- Retention times

- Amount of daily data backed up

- Total backup capacity used

- Top 10 backup job details

- Opportunities for cost reduction

- RMC benefits analysis

- Restore operations statistics

- Determines eligibility for the Get Protected Guarantee

- Allows you to have a fact-based conversation with your customer about their backup environment

Benefits for the partner

• You can now have fact-based discussions with your customers about their backups and existing storage

• The report points you towards the appropriate solution to offer your customers (StoreOnce, RMC etc.)

• Allows an automated storage sizing/solution architecture that helps you achieve:

- 35% Increased Deal Closure Rate

- 90% Reduced Sales Cycle Time

- 2x Increased Deal Size

- 6x Increased Storage Revenue Per Order


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