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Aruba Instant

Aruba Instant is the only controllerless Wi-Fi solution that delivers superior Wi-Fi performance, business-grade security, resiliency and flexibility with the simplicity of zero-touch deployment.


Controllerless Wi-Fi solutions are simple and affordable. They eliminate the need for additional controller hardware by distributing controller functionality such as authentication and configuration to the access points (APs).

One dynamically-elected Instant AP automatically distributes the network configuration to other Instant APs in the network. Simply power-up one Instant AP, configure it over the air or in the cloud, and plug in the other APs – the entire process takes about five minutes.

Instant access points include a free management interface that provides visibility into the network. Additionally, organizations also have a choice of acquiring the Aruba Central services platform, for network management hosted in the cloud or Aruba AirWave for an on-premises management system.

Aruba Instant is one of the most cost-effective business-grade Wi-Fi solutions available today.

Solution Benefits

Fastest Network

  • Up to 36%* faster than competition at high density
  • Wi-Fi setup in minutes
  • Airtime fairness allows more clients to move faster on the network
  • Always-on scanning avoids performance-slowing interference
  • Aruba Instant APs optimize Wi-Fi channel use and power to speed-up clients

Most Resilient Network

  • 100% functional WLAN without a WAN link
  • Integrated spectrum management without compromise to identify and self- heal around Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi interference
  • Redundant ISP uplink and 3G/4G uplink option

Most Flexible Architecture

  • Single architecture across headquarters, branch and home
  • Local, cloud and on-premises management options
  • AppRF technology performs deep packet inspection and web content filtering
  • 100% investment protection to convert to controller-managed APs

* Based on internal testing – IAP225 50 client downstream throughput testing

Solution Overview


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