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Aruba iDemo is a new programme providing short term loans of key Aruba products to customers, helping progress the sales cycle and close deals.

iDemo loans are available for qualified Aruba deals over £5K list. All loans will require an Aruba opportunity ID (opp ID) and will follow an approval process before being authorised. iDemo loans are designed for a customer to evaluate Aruba hardware/software features and management interfaces.

Aruba Demo Options

  • iDemo
    • Test drive for Aruba hardware and software
    • Short duration (2 weeks) with focused outcome
    • Can be scheduled at short notice
    • Gives the user a feel for the product and ability to try features
    • Run in a controlled environment
    • Great way to progress the sales cycle
  • iDemo PoC
    • Extended test drive for Aruba hardware and software
    • Longer duration (4 weeks) with specified outcome
    • Additional hardware and accessories available
    • Gives the user a feel for the product and the ability to try features
    • Environment closer to the real world
    • Required for complex deals or where there is strong of competition
  • Limes PoC
    • Loan of Aruba hardware
    • Long duration (up to 3 months) with defined test plan
    • Allows the user to test in deployment scenario
    • Exact models can be ordered
    • Can be deployed in a live network
    • Option for in place sales and revenue recognition

What iDemo Delivers

  • Competitive Demo Program
    • Selection of the most popular SKUs
    • Ability to test most capabilities of Aruba products
    • 2 week standard loan duration
    • 4 week loans with approval from category
    • Zero cost to the partner or customer
  • Fully Managed Demo Services
    • Products are stocked by Added Dimension
    • Delivery and collection included
    • Fast access to channel stock, 48hrs
    • Reset and clean kit between loans
  • Fast Turnaround on Demos
    • Ships in 24 hours once T&Cs are signed
    • Shipment direct to customer, partner or Aruba
    • End of loan recovery from customer
    • Removes logistics and stocking fees for partners

Aruba Networks iDemo

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