The most advanced access policy platform available.

Aruba ClearPass Provides role- and device-based network access control for employees, contractors and guests across any multivendor wired, wireless and VPN infrastructure. The result is a comprehensive and scalable policy management platform that goes beyond traditional AAA solutions to deliver extensive enforcement capabilities for IT-owned and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) security requirements.

Key Features

  • Role-based network access enforcement for multivendor Wi-Fi, wired and VPN networks
  • Industry-leading performance, scalability, high availability and load balancing
  • Intuitive policy configuration templates and visibility troubleshooting tools
  • Supports multiple authentication/authorization sources (AD, LDAP, SQL dB) within one service
  • Self-service device onboarding with built-in certificate authority (CA) for BYOD
  • Guest access with extensive customization, branding and sponsor-based approvals
  • Supports NAC and EMM/MDM integration for mobile device assessments
  • Comprehensive integration with third party systems such as SIEM, Internet security and EMM/MDM
  • Single sign-on (SSO) and Aruba Auto Sign-On support via SAML v2.0.
  • Advanced reporting of all user valid authentications and failures
  • Built-in profiling using DHCP and TCP fingerprinting

Quick Specs

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Aruba Central

Aruba Central provides management, business intelligence and analytics to the enterprise, with cloud scalability. It offers a simple, secure and cost-effective way to manage and monitor Aruba Instant APs and switches. With Aruba Central, you can get your wired and wireless networks up and running in minutes with intelligent Zero Touch Provisioning.

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Enterprise management for large scale wired and wireless. With Aruba AirWave, IT can identify problems before there are disruptions to connectivity, app quality, and RF coverage. It’s the most powerful network management platform for multi-vendor wired and wireless infrastructures. AirWave lets you monitor client behavior, proactively troubleshoot application issues, and plan for capacity.

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