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So you think you're

Digital Marketing Savvy!

But how can you be sure?

Today’s B2B customers rely on digital content to discover, educate and buy their IT Products and Solutions. Digital is hugely impacting on their purchasing decision making and if you’re not maximising on potentially your largest growing revenue stream, someone else will be!

You need to be heard and seen in this overcrowded market place and the best way to do this is through digital marketing.

89% Off
89% of

B2B Buyers go online during
their purchase process1

89% Off
over 65%

of Sales and Marketing
touchpoints are digital2

Many businesses are now taking notice of Digital and it’s importance in their customers purchasing journey. Over 90% of organisations describe themselves as ‘somewhere on the journey’ to digital transformation. But often, this digital offering is lacking, with just 17% of those surveyed currently delivering a new digital experience.

So, are you really digitally savvy?

HPE and Ingram Micro are here to help and support you! HPE has designed a simple online survey to evaluate your digital marketing capabilities and processes, and assess your current status. You will also be provided with recommendations and tools to help you accelerate your digital marketing transformation.

Take the survey and identify which areas you can develop to maximise your digital impact.

*You will need to be a HPE registered partner to take the assessment on the HPE Partner Ready Portal. Once logged into the HPE Partner Ready Portal follow this navigation path: HPE Partner Ready Portal home page > Sales & Marketing > Marketing Resources > Digital Marketing >Digital Marketing Maturity Assessment.

How can Ingram Micro and HPE help you?

Assess, Educate, Collaborate, Empower

Assess your level of digital marketing maturity and identify where you should focus your marketing resources and efforts.

Educate, learn and build on your digital marketing proficiency through
HPE Partner Ready Marketing Pro Academy.

Collaborate and work with the assets and support material available on Horizon, MyHorizon and HPE Partner Ready Portal to personalise and share with your customers to promote your HPE offering.

Empower your marketing teams with personalised marketing material, ready to use and share.

*You will need to be a HPE registered partner to access this site. Once logged into the HPE Partner Ready Portal follow this navigation path: HPE Partner Ready Portal home page > Sales & Marketing > Marketing Resources

Horizon is already the perfect enablement tool for you to learn, innovate and maximise on every selling opportunity. MyHorizon offers even MORE effective tools to give you greater insight into customer challenges and enable your digital marketing of HPE Products and Solutions to address these technology issues.

This exclusive ‘Members Only’ area holds enhanced information on the most current topics within the technology industry. Use our solution-specific demand generation kits that include emails, social media assets and web banners designed to enhance your marketing. Start benefiting today from the most effective enablement assets we’ve created to date.


Ingram Micro and HPE will help you achieve greater digital marketing success!


120171 Forbes, “How To Turn B2B Buyers Into Sales Leads, According To Data,” December, 2017 2 SiriusDecisions

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