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As part of a series of technical reference papers, Ingram Micro have created eBooks to help Partners fully explore a range of industry themes, giving insight into these subjects and how HPE solutions can help solve specific customer challenges.

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Hybrid Cloud

HPE helps its clients to determine what is the best blend of private and public cloud for their business and how to most effectively manage this type of hybrid infrastructure. To achieve this, it has partnered with Microsoft to offer its clients an innovative solution that provides the flexibility and reduction in costs that companies require.

Control of Access to the Network

From IoT to an always-on mobile workforce, organizations face increasingly complex IT infrastructures that are more exposed to more attacks than ever before. You need a seamless path from device and user discovery, wired and wireless access control, attack detection and adaptive response. Is your business ready?

Retail Management Solutions

The correct management of data is a key value for the retail market. Data is critical to understand what the consumer wants and to create a profile of each buyer that helps to obtain more loyal clients and greater sales. The Digital Transformation of retailers focuses on key trends: mobility, omni-channel marketing and data analysis.

Workplace Transformation with HPE and Citrix

The traditional workplace is being redesigned both physically and technologically, thanks to mobility and the Cloud. Citrix and HPE team up to provide small and medium-sized businesses with the benefits of hyper-converged infrastructure in workplace virtualization, with a great solution for customers and distributors.

Data Protection for SMBs

Digital transformation is possible thanks to the adoption of the most advanced technologies: cloud, mobility, and analytics. When adopting these systems, all critical points must be reviewed, from the data centre to peripheral environments, in order to bring about a safe digital transformation for businesses, employees and clients.

Analysis: The Power of Data

Current technology has changed the way we do business, creating a short term challenge for organisations. Analysis, which includes Business Intelligence and Big Data solutions, is increasingly important due to the growth of data stored and the need to be able to analyse and export it, to obtain the maximum added value for the business.


The new collection of eBooks has just launched!

Build Your Solution for Network as a Service

Extend and operate the wireless technology as an administered service by using Aruba Central, manage your networks and services in distributed companies and SMEs from the cloud. Not only will you be able to offer more services to your customers, but you will also be able to find new customers that you can offer these new services to.

Connect Your Factory

The new technological trends, Cloud, analysis, mobility and IoT are leading the way. They permit a new intelligent automation model in the production chain. This new model allows industrial companies to reach their customers in a more direct manner and helps them to adapt to new business models that the markets require.

Create Your Desktop as a Service Proposal with HPE

HPE and Citrix have developed proposals to approach the transformation of the workstation with a full range of solutions, whether for On-Premise environments or to help you create a DaaS proposal. They offer the best solution so that you can create your proposal with the maximum scalability and security guarantees.

Create Your Software as a Service Proposal with HPE

Are you ready? If you want to create your SaaS solution based on your own Cloud platform, HPE offers products and appropriate technical solutions that are specially designed to help you create a more secure, scalable and manageable solution, guaranteeing an excellent user experience.

Fast and Efficient Transition to SAP HANA

Digital transformation is the key to a successful business in the new economic era. HPE and SAP will help you to adopt all the most important IT developments that are essential for digital transformation: Cloud, mobility, analytics and Big Data. Having a real-time view of large quantities of data using SAP HANA allows companies to speed up their business processes.

HPE Proposal for Hosters

There are many different models for creating a Cloud proposal. One of the most successful strategies the IT channel is carrying out is to create their own Cloud solutions platform based on their own infrastructure and services. By building your Cloud platform with HPE, you can quickly create and launch new services that will make your proposal stand out from your competition and grow your business.

Reduce IT Costs with the Virtualisation of Servers

Virtualisation is the most important IT technology to date. Implementing the virtualisation of servers improves the efficiency of IT departments, simplifying the provision of resources and reducing IT costs. HPE offers its servers a wide range of virtualisation software from the leading manufacturers in the sector, allowing you to create the most efficient system for your business.

The Challenge of Backing up in Virtualised Systems

Data availability is a critical business requirement that must be planned and deployed correctly. Veeam and HPE provide a range of integrated storage and business continuity solutions that allow you to develop the best backup, data recovery and disaster recovery strategy. They are capable of providing the data and application availability required in the new era of Digital Transformation.

Unified Communications

Unified communications are the key that allows people to communicate, share and collaborate from any place in the world. Each UCC project is different and must be personalised to the business needs and requirements of each company. Discover the perfect UCC solution for your business from HPE, Microsoft Skype for Business and Jabra.

GDPR: What Data Should be Protected?

Compliance to the GDPR is essential for anyone doing business in EU countries, providing an opportunity for companies to implement better technology in order to be compliant. HPE offers a complete portfolio of solutions for organisations of all sizes and sectors to comply with the new GDPR regulations. Are your customers GDPR compliant?

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