Intelligent insights create ARUBA opportunities

Available exclusively and free to our Channel Partners, Ingram Micro Eyesight assesses publicly accessible information and exposes security vulnerabilities within customer networks.

Use this insight-mining reporting tool to create sales leads, have informed conversations with customers and make recommendations to improve their security posture against cyber attacks.

Develop and grow your cyber security business with Ingram Micro and Aruba solutions.

Request an Ingram Micro Eyesight report

Speak to your Ingram Micro Account Manager to request a highly-detailed assessment report that categorises risk by high, medium and low.

It utilises open-source resources including search engines, paste sites, blogs, social networking sites, metadata and digital files, dark web resources, geolocation, specific vendor APIs and anything accessible via public internet.


Outlines the purpose of the security assessment and gives an overview of the threats that the organisation is currently exposed to


A technically detailed explanation of the assessment results, with steps and proofs of these findings


Provides final recommendations and a summary of the issues found by the security assessment

Grow your cyber security business with Ingram Micro

The Ingram Micro cybersecurity team takes a systematic approach to providing services, solutions and support at every step of the security sales cycle. Gain insight into your customers’ security posture in minutes through intelligent public discovery testing and assessment.

Start by targeting SMBs & SMEs as they are less likely to have sufficient knowledge or resources to monitor and defend against cyber attacks
Whether you’re already a security specialist or new to this arena, use Ingram Micro Eyesight to position yourself as a cyber security expert

Stop business disruption before it happens

Hewlett Packard Enterprise HPE Aruba Networking

Legacy solutions such as traditional VPNs are no longer good enough

Navigate the complexities of securing remote workforces with ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) with HPE Aruba Networking Security Service Edge (SSE) – an alternative to address the limitations of traditional VPNs.


Minimise risk from internet-based attacks by only granting access based on dynamic user identity, device, and data context.


Automatically route traffic via the fastest user-access path and eliminate VPN-related slowdowns, disconnections, and login hassles while integrating seamlessly with SSO and identity management systems.

Scale & Flexibility

HPE Aruba Networking SSE architecture allows for easy scaling and centralised remote access management through tailored Zero Trust policies.


DDoS protection, and firewalls and simplified monitoring eliminates the costs associated with traditional VPN hardware and frees up resources for other critical tasks.

Ingram Micro Eyesight

Intelligent insights create Partner opportunities

Available exclusively and free to our Channel partners, Ingram Micro Eyesight assesses publicly accessible information to expose security vulnerabilities within customer networks.

Many organisations are now replacing traditional VPNs with modern security technology found within Security Service Edge (SSE) platforms known as Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) to improve their security posture against cyber attacks.

Ingram Micro Eyesight Tool:

  • Uncover hidden selling opportunities with existing customers and prospects
  • Identify VPN and other cyber security vulnerabilities
  • Have informed conversations to make network security recommendations
  • Help improve your customers’ security posture against cyber attacks

Supporting you and your customers

Ingram Micro’s cyber security lead generation tool gathers intelligence information from publicly available sources to evaluate and identify risks and threats presented in a personalised report in minutes.


Why Ingram Micro?

With Ingram Micro’s unique cross-vendor support, position yourself as a cyber security specialist supported by Ingram Micro Cyber Security Center of Excellence and Ingram Micro Eyesight.

We can offer a services portfolio containing technical assessments, consultancy services and managed security services, we are perfectly placed to help our Channel Partners win cyber security business.

Develop and grow your cyber security business with Ingram Micro.


Why Aruba Networks?

Aruba’s next generation solutions make sure security is up-to-date, from the edge and beyond!

Geolocation information can lead to conversations to migrate to Aruba SD-WAN and the secure end-to-end edge portfolio

Aruba Dynamic segmentation keeps traffic for any users separate and secure

Manage security risk effectively with Aruba Clearpass, giving visibility of all devices connected to the network




Speak to Ingram Micro to find out how to leverage our industry experience and support capabilities to develop and grow your Aruba and security business

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