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…build your own discounted

HPE bundles exclusively
on Ingram Micro iQuote!

Discover the latest HPE Flex Offers and everything you need to know about the program


iQuote is the easy to use online tool that gives you access to all product information to help build, configure, quote and buy IT for your SMB customers. Access the best discounts with HPE Flex Offers, only available on iQuote at Ingram Micro!

Create your tailored quote through iQuote, then place the order either directly through IM Online or your Ingram Micro Account Manager.

Quickly create your own quotes with customised bundles:

  • Access HPE Flex Offers to get the best discounts! Only available through iQuote at Ingram Micro - EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNTS
  • HPE Flex Offer bundles available for HPE Servers, HPE Storage & Aruba Networking
  • Quick and easy to use - SAVE TIME
  • Access the latest Top Value offers & Bundles to offer competitive pricing - HELP INCREASE MARGINS
  • Provide best value for your SMB customers - INCREASE CLIENT SATISFACTION
  • Immediate configuration and order - CREATE A SEAMLESS EXPERIENCE

HPE Flex Offers – The Bigger Picture

This episode covers:

  • What is HPE Flex Offers
  • What you need to know to make the most of them
  • How HPE Flex Offers are different to your typical “bundle offers”

… and much more!

Hosted by:
Paul Williams

Ingram Micro EMEA Hybrid IT

Business Development


Julian Stiles

Virtual & Onsite Learning

Enthusiast, EvoLearn

…say hello to HPE Flex Offers

Unlock the value of every sale with HPE Flex Offers. Use iQuote to build your own discount bundles. The tool tells you if all attach rules are met, making sure you get the maximum discount available…

…and it’s all done in real time!

  • Discounted pricing on selected HPE bundles
  • Applied automatically during BTO configurations
  • Get the best discounts to make deals more attractive
  • Accelerate the quote-to-sale process
  • Saves you time and you make more money

As well as HPE Flex Offers, you also get access to existing promotional programs:

  • Top Value Offers (TVO)
  • Access to Best Sellers
  • HPE Competitive Product Selling

Creates a truly low-to-no-touch transaction!


iQuote is simple to use and easy to navigate. Build customised orders for your customers using the following steps:

  • 1

    Log in to your IM Online account and navigate to the iQuote tool

  • 2

    Customise your configuration in iQuote and check which HPE Flex Offers apply to your order

  • 3

    Save your configuration – You can include the name of the person from Ingram Micro who directed you to iQuote!

  • 4

    Make a note of the iQuote configuration ID

  • 5

    Transfer the configuration to IM Online by clicking on the shopping cart in iQuote and click “Order”

  • 6

    Check the Items in your basket in IM Online, ensure you’ve met all the HPE Flex Offers attach rules and make your purchase!

iQuote is simple to use and easy to navigate. Build customised orders for your customers using the following steps:

Speak to your Ingram Micro Account Manager to find out how you can get the most out of iQuote and HPE Flex Offers!

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