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Product list last updated : 22/12/2022*

Aruba Instant On Access Points
  • AIO AP11
  • AIO AP11D
  • AIO AP22
Aruba Instant On Switches
  • AIO 1430 5-port (non-POE)
  • AIO 1430 8-port (POE/non-POE)
  • AIO 1430 16-port (non-POE)
  • AIO 1430 24-port (non-POE)
  • AIO 1830 8-port (non-POE)
  • AIO 1930 8-port (non-POE)
Aruba Mid-Market Switches
  • Aruba 2530 - 8port (POE/non-POE)
  • Aruba 2530 - 24port (POE/non-POE)
  • Aruba 2530 - 48port (POE/non-POE)
  • Aruba 2930F - 8-port
  • Aruba 2930F - 24-port
  • Aruba 2930M - 24port
  • Aruba 2930M - 48port

* Please note, all products are available at the time of generating this list. We're currently working to a 6-8 week delivery period

Latest products hot off the press


The new AP25 Access Point with Wi-Fi Certification

Offers superior coverage, density and performance for lag-free high-def video streaming, and multi-media collaboration. Futureproof network with the newer technology to keep up with the growing demands of new devices.


Switch it up with
Aruba CX 6000 Switches

These access switches provide the performance, security, and simplicity that customers need. They are ideal for branch offices, mid-market enterprises, and SMB networks.

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Aruba Instant On Access Points deliver high-performance and secure Wi-Fi access with hassle-free set-up and management.


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Help small businesses maintain fast, reliable and secure network connections in an ever expanding virtual world.


Because Aruba Instant On makes Wi-Fi simple to set-up and manage

We understand the challenges small businesses face with little to no in-house IT resources, skills or support. Aruba Instant On makes it easy!


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